updated 12-21-16
FHBC needs For our groups:
1. We would still like to replace an older (as in about 30-years-old) air conditioner in the fellowship hall. We do not want a summer group to have to survive without adequate A/C! Estimated cost is $4500.

For our own needs
1. We need help to replace some windows (the replacement windows are already purchased).
2. We have no other major projects at the moment, but there are always minor repairs and painting that could be done.

Missions Opportunities

Food (not expired) and Spanish tracts are always helpful. Also, new clothing (not used). Please contact us to find current needs!
Please be aware that Mexican authorities are very strict about what may be brought into their country. If you have questions about bringing something, please contact us ahead of time.
Falcon Heights Baptist Church
P.O. Box 22, Falcon Heights, Texas, 78545, US
phone:  (956)848-5794